I was born and raised in Bloomington, Minnesota. VVhen I was eleven years old I saw my frst black and white print, and knew at that moment I wanted to explore photography & learn all about light direction and color and the way film responds in various conditions. Fascinating to me. The more I learned, the more I realized it gave me an outlet to see culture, and a purpose for stretching myself to develop not just in photography but in the rest of my life as well. I started on a Pentax K1000 camera and didl small jobs to eam enough money to buy a darkroom. I loved putting a latent sheet of paper in the developer and seeing my image, My family's support was huge, as well as the confidence given to me from winning nationally and 1st place at state every year though the school system since 12 years old. When I was eighteen I was awarded a Congress scholarship to live and work as a photographer in Germany as an American Ambassador. This gave me a chance to travel aione quite a bit and see Europe,. Other areas I've enjoyed include several countries in Southeast Asia, China, Kenya, Egypt Iceand, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Austraia, New Zealand.. My studies at Brooks Institute of Photography and Graphic Design in Santa Barbara, California were absolutely amazing. It reinforced my identity as a commercial photocgrapher. Since 2008, I've been enjoying being back in the twin cities, riving in Edina, and working in the food industry primarily. Otter hobbies beyond travel indude playing soccer, hiking and camping, improving my groupings at the gun range, being a reserve police officer, and relaxing my dog.